“My daughter Evelyn and I were in one of your classes last summer. She was 11 weeks old when we started going. Well, I have some great news she signed her first 2 words yesterday – “food” and “all done”! In all honesty I haven’t been all that aggressive and at one point I thought she would never sign but I kept at it and voila! I’m super stoked to see what other signs she’ll show my husband and I. So glad we took your class and recommend it to everyone I meet.”

– Amber and Evelyn (mom/daughter)

“The Baby Signing and Song class was very engaging and used a variety of participatory learning activities, such as songs, games, toys, and books. This made each class fun and interesting and gave me a sense of satisfaction and excitement, as well as anticipation for the next class. Through the progression of the classes, children were accepting and adapting to the new language; these results were truly phenomenal and inspiring.

Nicole’s passion and dedication was inspirational and motivated me to continue with my signing more regularly, as well as increase my signing vocabulary and acquire easy-to-use resources for use at home. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend, my colleagues, or another new mother. This was a truly enriching experience.”

– Danielle and Isaac (mom/son)

“We enjoyed the class so much – very well structured and lots of interaction! It had a little bit of everything: signing, music and singing, toys and props. It is such a great class, I would recommend it to mommies and daddies!”

– Betty and Tristan (mom/son)