About Me

About Me:

Nicole Walker

I am a mother, a musician, a teacher, a traveler, and a lover of all things fun! I believe in the amazing potential of children, right from the time they are born. I also believe that we, as parents and caregivers, have the ability to encourage that potential in so many ways – through music, through activity, and by giving unconditional love to our children each and every day.

I began teaching my son signing when he was only a few months old, and by the time he was nine months he was eagerly giving me the sign for “milk” whenever he was hungry. Before long, he was communicating with many more signs, enabling me to understand his wants and needs long before he would ever be able to express them in words. After experiencing first-hand the incredible rewards that come with this kind of pre-verbal communication, I made the decision to devote time to learning more about signing and teaching baby signs in order to share this experience with others.

Now I spend my time designing curriculum and teaching baby signing classes in the Lower Mainland. My classes are fun and musical, full of singing and playing and learning. Parents enjoy getting to know other signing families, and seeing the successes of babies who are beginning to respond with signs of their own. It’s a slow process, but well worth the journey! I look forward to sharing the gift of baby signing with you, and hope you will enjoy having “fun with your fingers” as you experience a new, musical world of communication and discovery with your child.

Nicole holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Piano Performance, and a Master of Arts degree in Music Theory. She is a certified Music Together® instructor as well as a Baby Signing Time® instructor, and has been a teacher in various capacities for over 20 years. Nicole has been privileged to work and tour with such incredible musicians as Elvis Costello and Diana Krall, and was an avid gamelan musician for many years, performing twice in the Bali Arts Festival in Bali, Indonesia. Nicole is a full-time Mom, part-time teacher, and is always striving to learn more about how to be better at both.